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From My Home to Ours (or Casa to Casa), water-based media on canvas, 36" x 36"

From My Home to Ours (or Casa to Casa)

water-based media on canvas

36" x 36"

A native of the architecturally progressive prairie town of Columbus, Indiana, Cynthia was formally educated at Miami University of Ohio (BFA) and University of Kentucky (MFA).  She has been the recipient of several grants, the funds of which have enabled projects such as Stories About Mountaintop Removal, The Counterpane, and Freedom Summer Paintings: A Mississippi Season of Harassment, Terrorism and Progress.

She is involved in The Postcard Project, an ongoing 30 year collaboration with Leslie Keats of San Francisco.  More than 900 postcards have been created and circulated.   Currently she has some recent pieces on display at Atèa Salon in Lexington, and she works out of studios at both her home and 199 E. Loudon Avenue.


Cynthia does not hate the shorter days and lower angle of the sun.